Cinema Museum

Cinema museum

The richness of the exposition and the number of scientific activities carried out inside the Cinema Museum made it one of the most important SeventhArt’s museums in the world.

Host inside the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol monument of Turin, the Cinema Museum proposes a creative and clever setting with multiple visiting paths to give the audience a spectacular show. The paths involve the visitors thanks to many unexpected visual and audio stimulating inputs, just like assisting to a movie’s projection which moves and involves the audience.

The Cinema Museum is surely more than a common museum, because it turns the visitor into an explorer, an actor and a spectator at one time.

Visiting itineraries

Themes and expressions of the seventh Art:
animation, cinema of the absurd, horror and fantasy, the mirrors’ cinema, western, the musical, science-fiction, experimental cinema and family cinema, love and death melodramas and the 3D cinema.
For the ones passionated with modern and historic machines, posters, festivals, projections, etc.

The suggestive setting-up, signed by the Swiss set-designer François Confino, develops on an exhibition path set vertically on many levels/floors.

Welcoming services
Floor + 5 The Cinema’s Archeology
Floor + 10 The temple’s courtroom
Piano + 15 The Cinema’s machine
Piano + 18 The posters’ Gallery Rise of the dome