Are you often away on business in Turin? Learn how to get exclusive rates and services throughout the year with our business hotel with agreements in Turin.


Are you often away on business in Turin? Learn how to get exclusive rates and services throughout the year with our business hotel with agreements in Turin.

Allianz Juventus stadium

Juventus Stadium

The Juventus Stadium, the home of the “Signora Bianconera”, inaugurated on 8 September 2011, offers to his fans not only the game to wait for it.

Those who visit the Juventus Stadium are greeted with the smile of one or more of the 100 welcome girls, or they can take a selfie with one of the 220 mascots that welcome the fans during the season, not to mention J, the official mascot that has now become everyone’s favorite.

During the visit you will have the opportunity to acces the locker rooms, the media area and many other exclusive areas.

The Juventus Museum is an exhibition of trophies and memories of over 100 years of Juventus’ history that offers the visitor an engaging and unique multimedia path in Italy. Divided into two conceptual and spacial areas, the visitor can deep into the the history of the Club and into the value of the team in everyday life, thanks to the Juventus Museum.

It was designed for both Juventus fans who want to savor the joys of Juventus and for a wider audience, which through the history of the company can relive that of the country.

A path that traces the history of the Club through the Hall of Trophies, the places where Juve played, the testimonies of the players, the relics of the past, getting to what Juve is today and will be in the future, not to mention a tribute to the fans of the whole world including the best team's scores.

The Juventus Museum presents the history of Juventus also under other aspects; numerous are the memorabilia, the historic notebook that certifies the team's foundation, the players' shirts.

A space is dedicated to the relation between Juventus and Fiat and its presence in cinema, TV, radio, literature and music.

Space then for the Golden Balls, the coaches, the national players, the Heysel victims.

An alternation of immersive moments, until the end of the journey, which amazes the visitor making him feel the experience of being on the field together with Juventus.

How to get to the Juventus Stadium

The soccer game always have never been that close!

From Hotel President by car
Hotel President comes out to be very strategic for those who foresee to follow their favorite team playing at the Juventus Stadium.
Thanks to the Hotel position in fact, you can reach the Stadium with your car, just setting your GPS on the new address of the Stadium: Strada Comunale di Altessano, 131.

From Hotel President by public transport
Are you our Hotel’s guest and do you want to reach the Juventus Stadium easily and without driving the car? Hotel President has a very strategic position in this particular case.
Opposite to the Hotel, just by crossing the road, you can take the 11 bus. From the motorway

Getting to the Juventus Stadium taking the motorway
From Milan, take the A4 motorway, to Turin.
Take it till the end, then at the roundabout take Corso Vercelli and keep straight till Piazza Rebaudengo.
Here, turn right in Corso Grosseto until you get to Strada Altessano.

From South, starting from the tollbooth, go down the southern freeway and follow to Aosta Monte Bianco.
There are two possible exits:

  • Regina Margherita: Once exit, go straight till Via Pietro Cossa (watch out there’s a speed camera set on maximum 70Km/h). Take the junction to Piazza Cirene and once there slightly turn right to Via Sansovino. Once you cross Strada Comunale di Altessano turn left and there you are in the Stadium’s east gallery!
  • For those who need to get to the North/West gallery: you will need to get out the freeway at the next exit: Venaria Stadio, and you will find yourselves right in the wider parking area.

From the Station with public transport:
Are you staying in Turin for the night but do you want to get to the Juventus Stadium first? Are you coming by train?
Either from Porta Nuova or from Porta Susa train stations, take the underground (direction Fermi) to Bernini.
Once out take the bus n.9 which gets directly to the Juventus Stadium (all with a single ticket).